Consuetudo certissima est loquendi magistra.
Usage is the best language teacher.
‒ Marcus Fabius Quintilianus -



To connect, inspire and celebrate polyglots around the world


  1. To help foster the creation of local communities that gather trilingual+ linguaphiles
  2. To inspire language enthusiasts to greater heights
  3. To celebrate polyglots and their language journeys

Linguaphile | A person who loves languages and words


With the success of Tokyo Trilinguals, was launched in November 2018 in order to find like-minded polyglot community organizers around the world, and help facilitate the creation of similar communities in other cities.

Tokyo Trilinguals

Tokyo Trilinguals was created in November 2017 by Leo Fuchigami.

He first grew to love the vibrant and inspiring atmosphere of language exchanges in Seoul, Korea in 2010 when he joined LanguageCast Hongdae. Upon returning to Vancouver in 2011, he began co-organizing the local branch, LanguageCast Vancouver, which he helped grow to 100+ weekly participants by 2013. Upon moving to Tokyo in 2014, he attempted to find similar multilingual language exchanges, but most were bilingual rather than multilingual. He desired a community of polyglots that enjoyed the dynamism of weaving 3, 4 or 5 languages into a single conversation, and the inspirational effect of being surrounded by trilinguals, quadrilinguals, pentalinguals and hyper-polyglots. So, in November 2017, he created Tokyo Trilinguals. It has since grown far beyond its original format and he now works with a team of passionate polyglot co-organizers.

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